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For bikers and for all outdoor enthusiasts, loving what they do and enjoying their lifestyle we developed Bruno's scarf Multifunctional Lifestyle Headwear.

The Bruno's scarf (H.A.D.® Original) is a soft and smooth seamless construction with a length of approx. 50 cm. The elasticity and legendary abraison resistance keeps it in shape and extends its lifecycle – no pilling, no distortion.

H.A.D.® multifunctional scarfs are made 100 % out of special Polyester fabric called Micolite known for ist high breathability and the quick drying ability.


La bandana multifunzione "Bruno" è nata per i biker e per gli sportivi: in tessuto 100% poliestere, elastico e resistente, manteine nel tempo la sua forma originale. Taglia unica, è lungo circa 50 cm.

E' un capo confortevole da portare sempre con se!

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Brenta's shirt - bike Tshirt
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